12 April 2023 (14:59)

PVP Governance

Introducing the Innovative PVP Mode: A Game-Changing Experience for Kingdom Swap Players.

Dear Kingdom Swap players and community members, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the PVP MODE. This groundbreaking feature is set to transform your Kingdom Swap gaming experience by empowering you to have a direct impact on the gameplay.

The PVP MODE is built upon a unique staking mechanism, allowing Kingdom Swap players to stake their $KS2 tokens and effectively vote for their preferred mode: NO-PVP or PVP.

The mode with the highest number of tokens staked will determine the winner, and the Kingdom Swap world will be adjusted accordingly for next server save. This dynamic system ensures that the gaming environment remains engaging and responsive to your choices, with the potential for change every single day.

By combining the excitement of player-vs-player action with the power of decentralized control, our PVP MODE creates a captivating and immersive experience for all Kingdom Swap players.

Users can stake their $KS2 tokens in either the NO-PVP or PVP pool, with the freedom to claim rewards at their convenience. To provide transparency, a public function for each pool is available, allowing users to monitor the voting progress.

We take security and reliability very seriously. Our team of skilled developers has diligently worked to ensure a secure gaming environment through robust smart contracts. Players can stake their tokens with confidence, knowing that their assets are safeguarded against potential vulnerabilities.

In summary, our innovative PVP MODE presents a fantastic opportunity for Kingdom Swap players to participate in a dynamic and engaging experience, where your choices directly impact the in-game world. Join us in this exciting new chapter of Kingdom Swap and witness the future unfold before your eyes.

Best regards,

Kingdom Swap team.

27 March 2023 (18:28)

Kingdom Swap Real Estate v2

Hello, Kingdom Swap players!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Kingdom Swap Real Estate v2! The system has been completely revamped with a new smart contract that allows houses to be randomly minted, rather than sequentially as in the previous contract.

Now, you can enjoy a more exciting and unpredictable house mint experience! Houses are scattered throughout the map and vary in size and location. As a house owner, you can sleep while offline to increase your mana and health, get a 10% bonus if you convert your gold coins inside your house, and store as many items as you want inside the houses.

To buy a house, you will need MATIC in your wallet. We chose the Polygon network because it is accepted in the world's largest NFT marketplace (OpenSea) and has very low fees during transactions. Each house can be minted for 15 MATICS. 

To accommodate players who bought houses sequentially in Real Estate v1, we added two functions to the new contract. The first is Distribution. This function automatically transfers houses purchased in the initial contract to their respective owners in the v2 contract. The second is Burn and Mint. If you bought houses on v1 and wish to trade, you can to burn your current house and randomly receive a new one at no additional cost.

To mint your house, simply authenticate your wallet (make sure to connect it to the Polygon network), click on "Claim House" and accept the transaction on your crypto wallet. Your houses will be available instantly on OpenSea and in-game on the next server save.

If you need support, join our Discord Server.

Thank you for playing Kingdom Swap! 

18 March 2023 (08:31)

Wallet Connection

We are excited to announce that our platform has been updated to prepare for upcoming game features and improvements. As a result, we have introduced a new registration process that requires you to connect your wallet during account creation.

Please note that the login to your account is now also linked to your connected wallet. This update not only prepares the platform for future updates but also provides a more secure and reliable user experience. To access your account, simply connect your wallet and authenticate.

As we continue to refine our platform, we welcome your feedback to ensure the best possible experience. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this testing phase.

Lastly, we would like to inform you that NFT cards have been removed from our platform. Stay tuned for updates on their return in the near future.

Best regards,
Kingdom Swap Team
22 December 2022 (09:39)

Santa has arrived!

Santa Claus has arrived to bring joy and presents to the residents of Kingdom Swap.

Meet him at his house on Vega Island to get your present (it can be quite valuable).

Your gift is a surprise, and this is the list of possible ones:
  • KS Bundle
  • Gold Converter
  • Light Bangle
  • Switchtool
  • Festive Fireplace
  • Pile of Presents
  • Sack of Presents
  • Christmas Tree
  • Sleigh
  • Santa's Outfit
  • Ball Gown
  • Crystal Coin
  • Teddy Bear
  • Santa's Orc
  • Santa's Hat
  • Santa's Teddy
  • Yellow Rose
  • Kingdom Swap Backpack
  • Bunnyslippers
  • Green Tome
  • Model Ship
  • Red Tunic
Remembering that each resident is entitled to only one present. The charming old man will stay in our lands until the end of 2022.


01 December 2022 (12:57)

Christmas Time

Ho ho ho. December has arrived and with it the Christmas season.

Christmas's decorations and Santa's outfit are back on our marketplace.

Santa Claus will soon arrive in Kingdom Swap.

18 July 2022 (10:32)

DDoS and Reward Pool

Due to attacks on our platform at the time of closing the last pool, the system failed to reset the previous pool and the values ​​for the two weeks were accumulated.
We had to manually reduce the values ​​of the previous pool from the current one. We also noticed that many players did not make deposits in the current pool. 
In order not to harm players due to an external problem, we will reopen the pool for another 24 hours so that everyone has the chance to send their gold coins.

Pool will be reopened today (Monday) at  23:00 UTC and the closing will take place on Tuesday at 23:00 UTC. This week's pool payment will take place on Wednesday.

We are sorry for what happened, we are doing our best to contain this type of attack.
To reward deaths due to attacks the server will have double experience/skills for 48 hours, starting on the next server save.

During this week we will post news/updates to our players.

Best regards,

Kingdom Swap Team.
21 June 2022 (14:12)

Governance System

Now, at our APP, the community is able to vote and decide the fate of future changes/implementations at the game.

To vote you must hold $veKS2, to get it, you need to stake $KS2. Don't worry, you won't lose your $KS2, you can unstake at any time.

The system is suppose to reward the long time holders, so the more you leave your $KS2 staked, the more $veKS2 you are going to receive, therefore you will have a stronger voting power.

Free and public to anyone is the voting ideas, anyone is going to be able to send us a voting topic which will be analyzed and added to the polls at the Kingdom Swap 
App. You can find that our Discord, on the left menu search for #governance-topics channel and put your idea there!

Please notice that fees of Binance Smart Chain will be applied.

05 June 2022 (20:27)

Major Announcement

Starting tomorrow at 21:00 UTC, Kingdom Swap will be free-to-play.
A server save will start at the same time for the change.

Useful Information:
  • Free Accounts will not be able to participate in Reward Pools.
  • Runes available for free accounts: Light Magic Missile rune, Fireball rune and Intense Healing rune. (This can change over the course of the week if the community wishes).
  • Free Accounts are able to buy houses through the Opensea mint that will start next Friday (10/06/2022).
  • Free Accounts will not be able to travel by boat and will only have access to the cities of Venore, Carlin, Thais, Ab'dendriel and Kazordoon.
  • Free Accounts has the opportunity to farm their premium time in-game by purchasing KS Bundle from other players.
Our governance system will be launched during this week. The governance system will work in our app, and it consists of a community voting system, where only token holders can participate in decisions. Future decisions of our game will be made by this system.

Best regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.
04 June 2022 (11:07)

Real Estate Launch

Our Real Estate system will be launched next Friday (10/06/2022).

Due to cryptocurrency market conditions we were holding back the launch, but as players are very anxious, we will launch it next week.

You can have as many houses as you want in your wallet. Sending gold coins to the Reward Pool inside your house guarantees you a 10% bonus.

How will it work?

There are two ways to purchase a house in the Kingdom Swap 2.0:

One of them is minting directly on our app, whereby the smart contract will randomly send to your wallet (your house will be a surprise, you will not be able to pick the house you want), which you have the chance to acquire a well-located, big size, or even a Guild house, for the lowest (minting) price.

And the second option is into the Marketplace, where the seller chooses the price, same as any other NFT, which will be on the well-known Opensea.io (the largest NFT Marketplace).

Read the full article here: Medium

Prices and a video tutorial will be released later next week.

Best regards,

Kingdom Swap Team.

04 June 2022 (00:09)

Free Accounts

Kingdom Swap Team decided to release the Free Accounts to our server. Starting 06/06/2022, the game will be free-to-play again.  Free Accounts will not participate in weekly rewards.

This decision was taken to increase the number of players since the gold coins farmed in the game are no longer a factor that lowers the value of the token, plus it will heat up the economy of buying/selling items between players.

Best regards,
Kingdom Swap Team
24 May 2022 (16:04)

Creature Raffle

We are pleased to announce the launch of the creature raffle in Kingdom Swap!

Creature Raffle

How does the Creature Raffle works?
In total there are 25 creatures tickets available for purchase. To participate in the raffle you need at least one creature. There is no limit to the number of creatures per user. When all creatures are sold, one creature is drawn, and the buyer of the drawn creature wins all the current prize tokens. After the draw, all creatures are available for purchase and the same process starts again. If you are not drawn, tokens spent on the raffle will not be returned.

If you have any questions, head to our Discord Server, and we will be more than pleased to help you!

Good luck adventurers!
18 May 2022 (18:24)

Erin Cropwell

Erin Cropwell was a Thaian royal explorer for king Tibianus I. Doing this, he followed in his father Alistair Cropwell's footsteps, who also was a royal explorer and was executed for claiming there was another empire besides the Thaian one, which he mentioned in his notes. Erin likely sought this city his father claimed to have found and travelled therefore into the eastern wilderness beyond Thais. He ventured through a mountain full of cyclopes and continued south to a shoreline along a desert. Here he wandered until discovering an abandoned ruin where he met his tragic death, which he tried to record in his diary.

15 May 2022 (21:01)

Minor News

This week's Reward Pool is closed, gold conversion to the platform is closed until Tuesday (17/05) at 23:00 UTC.

Payments in BUSD will be sent to your Metamask registered in your account next Monday.

We increased this week's Reward value to $4,950 USD to fit the next level range pool.

The valid Reward Pool will be exactly at 21:00 UTC. If you change Pool after this period, it will be valid for the next week's pool.

Double xp/skills reward from our easter event ends on the next server save.

We hope everyone enjoyed it.

Best regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.

09 May 2022 (15:54)

1st Rewards payment is done

Weekly Reward Pool from 05/03/2022 until 05/08/2022 is done!

Congratulations to all the players that received the rewards!

Please notice below all tx hash for each tier.

Level 08 to 15: BSC Scan

Level 16 to 25: BSC Scan

Level 26 to 35: BSC Scan

Level 36 to 45: BSC Scan

Level 46 to 55: BSC Scan

Best regards,
Kingdom Swap Team

08 May 2022 (06:54)

Easter Event

Thanks to all the adventurers who helped Hugo recover his eggs, you did it!

At the Bunnies Headquarters, the number of eggs missing is: 0.

The Double XP/Skills will start next weekend at Friday to Saturday server save (14/05/222).

Best Regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.
05 May 2022 (17:07)

Reward Pool 01

We have decided to announce the reward value of the first KS 2.0 pool in advance!

If you still don't understand how reward pools work, I suggest you read the article at the following link: Reward Pool

Current Pool:
  • Start Date: 04/30/2022
  • End Date: 05/08/2022
  • Total Rewards: $5,250.00 USD.
  • Players per Tier: 50 players.
  • MAX. CAP per player: 5%.
  • MIN CAP per player: 1%.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask in our Discord Server.

Kingdom Swap
02 May 2022 (20:49)

KS Reward Pool

We are happy to announce the opening of our Reward Pool.

You can find all the information you need HERE.
The exact values ​​and tiers will be announced later this week as players progress through this first days. 
If you have any questions, please join our Discord and we will gladly to help you.

Best Regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.
02 May 2022 (15:19)

1 day of premium

In order to allow the Kingdom Swap community to test the game, we have added 1 day of premium to our marketplace for the price of USD$5.

Disclaimer: We would like to offer 1 day of premium at no cost to all players, however, from previous experience, a minority of people take advantage of this, using illegal software without consequences.


Best regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.

30 April 2022 (18:39)

KS Live

Kingdom Swap 2.0 is now live.

Stay tuned for the next updates.

30 April 2022 (13:58)

KS 2.0 Launch Day

THE GAME will be launched TODAY (30th April) at 18:00 UTC

General launch updates:
  • All starter packs are going to be delivered, everyone who bought it will have it before release, no need to open a ticket for that.
  • If you bought your Starter Pack before April 16th, you will have your Training Island Ticket in your Thais depot.
  • Black Dragon Outfit will be sent to Black Starter Pack buyers at Thais depot.
  • If you bought a Starter Pack and did not create your account or your character yet, please do it as soon as possible so we can deliver your rewards.
How to Claim your starter pack items:

  • The Black Starter Packs will be available until Sunday (01st May) at 23:59 UTC.
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Starter Packs are no longer available after game launch.
  • Buy it here: App
  • How to Purchase: Medium

Change Logs:
  • Training Island will not sell Small Stone but Spears instead for 10 gold coins.
  • Easter Event is already running as soon as game launches, players have one week to complete the tasks.
  • Houses can NOT be bought in-game since we are launching Opensea's Real Estate collection soon.
  • Please, make sure to update your client as soon as possible to avoid high data volume at game launch.

Best regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.
29 April 2022 (13:29)

KS2 Listing Day

at 18:00 UTC |  02:00 CST |  15:00 BRT


ANTI-BOT MEASURES: HIGH TAX ON THE FIRST 10 SECONDS: Since BOTs usually snipe the first blocks faster than any humans.

  • Liquidity: 353.43 BNB locked for 365 days
  • Listing price: 18,181.82 $KS2 per BNB
  • Initial Market Cap: $209,670 - (Pinksale is showing 300k because it is counting the rewards)
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $600.000,00
  • IDO Vesting: 50% on listing + 2% each 2 days
  • KOL's Private Sales Vesting: 50% on listing + 50% 30 days.
  • Team Vesting: locked for 300 days, then 20% per month.
  • Distribution: Link
  • Sales Tax: 6% on buy order to liquidity + 6% on sell order to marketing/expenses wallet. No reflections.

Kingdom Swap Team.

28 April 2022 (19:20)

Easter Eggs Stolen by Apes

Easter Eggs Stolen by Apes

A fight between the Banuta Apes and the Rabbits caused the Apes to steal all the rabbits' Easter eggs and spread them across the continent.
This made Hugo angry! The boss rabbit wants the help of Kingdom Swap adventurers to recover the lost eggs before it's too late.
Hugo promises to unleash all his wrath on our lands if his eggs are not recovered! At the same time, if we succeed, he will reward us with a weekend of double experience and skills!

The Easter Event will last for 7 days, hurry up and don't waste any more time, let's help the bunnies!

Best Regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.
27 April 2022 (18:50)

Presale filled.

Our Presale was filled in less than one minute.

We would like to thank our community for its incredible support. 

Kingdom Swap 2.0 is just getting started, stay tuned for our next important dates, on 29/04 at 18:00h UTC our token will be listed on PancakeSwap, and on 30/04 at 18:00 UTC the adventurers are going to be able to enter and play Kingdom Swap.

Join our groups in Discord or Telegram to keep in touch with the community.

See you soon.

27 April 2022 (17:58)

Presale Start Time


27 April 2022 (16:35)

Training Island

In Kingdom Swap, in addition to their level, players rely on their skills, which are extremely important for the evolution of the character on their journey.
We have prepared an article with all the necessary information about training island.

Full Article

Best Regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.
26 April 2022 (14:10)

Mystery Boxes

Our surprise box system has been completely rebuilt for KS 2.0.

The old surprise box no longer exists, and five mystery boxes replaced it.
The five mystery boxes are divided by rarities, same as NFT system: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. All mystery boxes can be found as creature loot, quests, chests, crates, or any unexpected place on the map.

Full Article:

Best regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.
25 April 2022 (12:36)


Next AMA (Ask me Anything) with UNITED SHILLERS.

Monday 25th of April at 17:00 UTC.

Where: Telegram



20 April 2022 (13:45)

AMA with CryptoMoonShots

Next AMA (Ask me Anything) with CryptoMoonShots.

TOMORROW (Thursday 21th of April ) at 18:00 GMT.

Where: Telegram (10k members).


14 April 2022 (16:22)

KS 2.0 - Dates

Kingdom Swap 2.0: IDO, Token Listing & Game Launch

Some KOLs recommended postponing the I.D.O. for the end of April to have time to work on marketing and other reasons that our team considered the reasons pretty much based on.

We did not want to decide without the approval of those on our side, wishing the best to our project, so we asked our Marketing/Partners Private Group (with over 250 members) and our Nobles/Mods/Tutors.

Unanimously, everybody feels it will be the best for the project!

Those who purchase the Starter Pack before 16th April, at 23:59 UTC, will receive a free Training Island Ticket, besides the Rewards. Including the ones who already bought earlier!

Starter Pack will be available until the Game Launch: 30th April
  • IDO on PinkSales: 27th April, at 20:00 UTC;
  • Token Listing on PancakeSwap: 29th April, at 18:00 UTC;
  • Game Launch: 30th April, 18:00 UTC.

The reasons:
1- More time for the Marketing Campaign;
2- We’ve just decided to do KYC on PinkSale;
3- Until 29th the AUDIT will be 100% done;
4- Doing as many AMAs as possible during this period;
Since we understand the project can be confusing at the first moment;
5- Social Media growth, especially Telegram and Twitter;
6- Developing features — We have already done with the game, but it always has a new feature we can bring;
7- Last and the least important, because BTC is showing bearish in the shorter term, looking for support, and the crypto market is not in the best mood these days.

Best Regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.
12 April 2022 (17:33)

KS 2.0 - Starter Packs

Everything you need to know about Starter Packs

Starter packs were created to make it easier for players to start their adventure in Kingdom Swap. Whether to get a discount on your first month of premium account, or to gain advantages over your competitors by guaranteeing items that will give you good support at the beginning of your journey.

Starter packs rewards and their respective prices.

How to redeem my items?

The items from the starter pack chosen by you will be delivered in-game once the game is launched.
Here's a video explaining how you can get your prize as soon as you enter Kingdom Swap:

How to buy a starter pack?

To buy the starter pack that best suits you, just access the Kingdom Swap App, and buy by connecting your Metamask to the app. 
Here's our tutorial explaining exactly how to do it: Tutorial

I bought my Starter Pack, now what?

If you purchased in our app and the transaction was confirmed, you don't need to do anything else! Just wait until the game launches and you'll be out in front of the competitors in the weekly pool!

We have created a confirmation page so that players can check the wallets that have already secured their starter pack: Check it here.

Remember to create your account and your character before the game launches so that we can give you access to reward rooms equivalent to your starter pack.

Still have any question? Join our Discord Server and we will be more than glad to help you.

Best Regards,
Kingdom Swap Team.

11 April 2022 (22:14)

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Danny | Crypto Revolution Master 

TOMORROW! (Tuesday 12th of April) 
At 2:00 PM UTC

Where: Crypto Revolution Master (17k members)

Rewards: 100 USD for the best questions
5 Preselected Questions from Twitter ($10 each). 
Ask your Questions here: Twitter

5 Winners from the Live Telegram AMA ($10 each)

08 April 2022 (20:01)

Port Hope Implementation

Introducing the new towns: Port Hope & Banuta

Port Hope
Port Hope belongs to the Kingdom of Thais, founded as a small camp on the new continent, soon discovered that the Tiquanda jungle was rich with valuable resources.
Soon the merchants of Venore came in to help the kingdom in this new challenge. Neither the weather nor the constant troubles could break the settlers’ spirit.
People from all over the world gather now, looking for new opportunities or just the chance to start over. Their combined efforts have created a small but thriving community that courageously faces the dangers and problems they encounter in this new land.
Surrounded by hostile and unexplored jungle, the city constantly needs protectors and explorers. Thus, it is common to find hunters and adventurers in the surroundings on expeditions and missions in the dense jungle. Even younger hunters can gain more experience with the weaker creatures that inhabit the surrounding city.

Banuta is known as Apes town, north of the Tiquanda jungle. The Lizards built it, and they used the Apes as their slaves — It was called Cha’zzar under their leadership.
Their intelligence and physical abilities were superior and allowed the lizards to rule in the wild for many centuries. Over time, the strength of the Lizards was diminished by disagreements within their own.
Because of this conflict, the Apes managed to defeat them and drive them out of the city.
The town becomes ruins because of the Apes’ lack of competence to continue building and maintaining the structures; Today, Banuta is almost entirely taken over by the jungle.
So after looting the Lizards, they started new attacks, and recently the new settlements of the humans proved to be easy targets.

07 April 2022 (18:26)

Kingdom Swap App

We are excited to announce that our app is live!

You can buy your Starter Packs directly in the app by connecting your wallet. 
Real Estate NFT minting room and Staking are the subsequent implementations in the app to be announced.

How to purchase a Starter Pack?
1- Access our app through our top menu Launch App
2- Connect your wallet to the app.

Make sure you are on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

3- Now you are connected to our app, and you can click which starter pack you would like to buy:

The price is in USD, however you will use BNB at similar rates

4- Click "BUY NOW" and approve the transaction.

And that's all!
You have guaranteed your Starter Pack, when the game launches.

More infos about the tiers of the Starter Pack:
  • Bronze Tier: Get 30 days of Premium Time with a discount. Price: $35.
  • Silver Tier: Bronze Tier + Rookgaard Set Price: $45.
  • Gold Tier: Silver Tier pack + Plate Armor + Plate Legs + Steel Helmet + Dwarven Shield + Leather Boots. Price: $60.
  • Platinum Tier: Gold Tier pack + 50 Platinum Coins + Amulet of Loss + Runes: 20x UH, 100x HMM, 20x SD, 50x Explosion, 50x GFB Price: $100.
  • Black Tier: Exclusive Outfit + Golden Armor + Crown Legs + Royal Helmet + Boots of Haste + 2x Amulet of Losses + 150 Platinum Coins + Runes: 40x UH, 200x HMM, 40x SD, 100x Explosion, 100x GFB. + Bronze, Silver & Gold Packs. Price: $150.
01 April 2022 (10:22)

KS Real Estate


There are two ways to purchase a house in the Kingdom Swap 2.0:
One of them is minting directly on our app, whereby the smart contract will randomly send to your wallet, which you have the chance to acquire a well-located, big size, or even a Guild house, for the lowest (minting) price.
And the second option is into the Marketplace, whereas the seller choose the price, same as any other NFT, which will be on the well-known Opensea.io (the largest NFT Marketplace).


There are only 861 houses, which means only 861 players (or less) will benefit from owning a house, which is a pretty low number compared with any other NFT projects.

The NFT traits will follow the NFT tier system: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary — which will depend on the size in sqm, location, and the number of beds.

The floor price will exclusively depend on the small group of purchasers since they will probably be using the in-game benefits, holding it — not willing to sell. We will point out the benefits in the following subject.

  • Those who own a house will have a bonus of 10% on the Gold Coins withdrawals to the competition — to every Weekly Reward Pool.
  • For instance: if you withdraw 10,000 Gold Coins, you will receive 11,000 Gold Coins on the competition;
  • Exclusive Events and prizes; A quick example for the best-decorated house;
  • Special Airdrops; Eventually there will be Airdrops for house owners;
  • Access to an exclusive chat “#house-owners” on Discord;
  • Sleeping on the bed to regenerate HP and Mana while offline;
  • We doubled up the regeneration: 1 tick each 7.5 seconds, or 480 per hour;
  • Protection Zone, your home is your safe zone;
  • Keep an unlimited number of items;
  • Safely show your items and equipment to others;
  • Allow your friends access to join your house;
  • Houses are limited, only a tiny number of owners will have them, and it has outstanding utilities. It may be an excellent opportunity for investment and speculation.


That’s right. We chose Polygon Blockchain to save our community of the expensive Ethereum gas fees while allowing them to use the largest NFT Marketplace in the world: Open Sea.
You can read more about it here: https://opensea.io/gas-free


By minting a house, you have the opportunity to guarantee a great location, or a big size house, even a Guild House, at the mint price.

The better and well-located, the more valuable it is.

EVERYBODY IS ALLOWED: Do NOT need to be a player to purchase a house, for investment, or whatever the purpose.

LIMITED SUPPLY: 861 houses minted only.

NO LIMITATION PER WALLET: One wallet may own unlimited houses/NFTs

TRY YOUR LUCK: the smart contract will send randomly houses to the purchasers, not possible to choose.

NO WAY TO RENT A HOUSE: We revoked the Rent System, you cannot rent houses.

Stay tuned for further details about the MINTING and how to join the Whitelist on the next official announcement.

Have a great journey!

28 March 2022 (20:18)

AMA Postponed

@Diogo Teixeira just let us know that he will not be able to attend today's interview until Wednesday 30th, at the same time as he is at a gamer event in São Paulo. 

We will have to postpone the AMA, our team is available to answer any questions.

Great announcements are coming this weekend. Stay with us! ❤️
21 March 2022 (20:36)

Kingdom Swap 2.0 Launch Date

As promised, we announced the KS 2.0 launch date at tonight's AMA with @caiosogamer.

We can't wait to meet with you all again on April 15th!

Want to learn everything about the changes on KS 2.0? Check our Whitepaper.

Join our Discord to stay tuned.

Best Regards,
KS Team.
19 March 2022 (06:55)

AMA with @Caiosogamer

On Monday (21/03) at 22:00 UTC / 19:00 Brasilia Time.

Where: Kingdom Swap Discord -> #amas tab 
The AMA will be held in Portuguese and translated to English on our official Medium.

Reward: 7 days of Premium Time for the best question made on Twitter.
How to join: Tweet the question and tag @kingdomswapgame

Invitation link here: https://discord.gg/WHtKah9Kzc
16 March 2022 (08:32)

KS 2.0 - Week Updates

AMAs (Ask-Me-Anything)
We understand that it is difficult to follow up with many features about the game and token. We have so many pinned posts, and it can be overwhelming for everybody to be on the same page with the Kingdom Swap.

Comprehending this fact, we will perform many different live interviews/AMAs to answer the community’s questions in a laid-back way with the influencers, reaching out to both audiences simultaneously.

And of course, eventually, we will give away prizes for the community.

Usually for the best question by a member, or sometimes by steps, e.g., sharing content on your social media.

How will it work?
We’ve created a Discord tab called #amas (link for discord here), and right there, we will be answering the questions while the streamer may be live and the community helping him out in the chat for asking your query to us.

Every AMAs will have a date and time to start and will last around 1 hour in total.

We are already setting up the dates and times with the influencers for the upcoming AMA’s, and then we will announce it here.

Owners of groups usually prefer to host the AMAs into their official groups. In those cases, we will notify you where it will happen.

Rewards: When the AMA has a prize, we will notify the award, the steps, and the winner in the end.

We’ve been advised that, comprehensibly, many of you are waiting for dates before purchasing the starter packs.

Due to the high proposition from our community, the decision is to extend the starter pack promotion sales until the game’s launch!

The next big step before launching the game is the private investor round, which will be officially announced in a few days.

An excellent opportunity for investors focused on profiting. Plus the chance for players to buy the token to use it in the Marketplace, at the best rates before the listing.
23 February 2022 (20:13)

KS 2.. - Minor Updates

Check some minor updates that will take place on KS 2.0:


To incentivize and balance the vocations, since the community’s toughly demanded this topic on the “Suggestion & Feedback Form.”
Mages were the minority in the first version since they are the vocations that spend more Gold Coins for a hunt, especially in lower levels.
Nonetheless, the capability of severe damages on enemies or saving your friends, they are essential in PVP, team hunts, spelling, and trading player-to-player runes.

WANDS (Sorcerers and Master Sorcerers):
Wand of Vortex (Level 6 or higher)
Wand of Dragonbreath (Level 13 or higher)
Wand of Plague (Level 19 or higher)
Wand of Cosmic Energy (Level 26 or higher)
Wand of Inferno (Level 33 or higher)

RODS (Druids and Elder Druids)
Snakebite Rod (Level 6 or higher)
Moonlight Rod (Level 13 or higher)
Volcanic Rod (Level 19 or higher)
Quagmire Rod (Level 26 or higher)
Tempest Rod (Level 33 or higher)

All information will be available on Kingdom Swap Wiki.
The addition of more Wands & Rods, as well as, any other items, may pursue accordingly with the DAO / The Council votes.

The Blessing is a vital tool that will reduce the amount of experience and skills forfeited in death.
The Blessing can be purchased directly on the KS Marketplace.
Remember that the Blessing doesn’t save your loot back in the old days;
Only by wearing Amulet Of Loss (AOL), purchased on the KS Marketplace as well.

Several valuable items are going to be added to the KS Marketplace, such as Stonecutter Axe, Mastermind Shield, Magic Plate Armor, Demon Armor, Golden Legs, and much more!



To avoid players being stuck on the Temple at the early opening.

Where you may find monks to train all day, every day.
The ticket can be purchased on the KS Market Place, and they will prevail for 24 hours. You are free to join the island train as much as you prefer in the meantime.

14 February 2022 (19:47)

KS 2.0 - Character Auction

Updates for K.S. 2 have already started to be implemented.

The new character auction feature contributes to a better economy and encourages players to spend more time with their characters since it can be sold eventually. It also makes sense for those who don’t have time to upgrade a new character from scratch to acquire advanced to have fun quicker.

Learn more:
ENG: Medium

PT: Medium
09 February 2022 (16:02)

KS 2.0 - Server Reset

We've decided to give the power of decision to the community. 
There are positive and negative sides to the Game Reset. 

Check out some of them:
The main reason for the game reset is that the KS 2.0 will be the last substantial modification we will ever have in Kingdom Swap!  Looking into it, we could say it is a new game itself; And a new game should be a new game entirely. 

Another reason is since Premium Time was worth $250 per 30 days, most players did not join the game yet, and will join for the Kingdom Swap 2.0; So it will be the fairest everybody starting from the same level range.

While the main reason against the Game Reset is that people spent their time playing it. Although they've collected their rewards, they would not like to lose their advancement in their characters.

Join our Discord server to be able to vote: Discord
08 February 2022 (19:27)

The Game-Changer (part 2)

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here!
Please, read it carefully since it has so many features.
In short, the team heard the community and modified all the game's and economic's specs.

Read it here: Medium
PT/BR: Medium

If you still did not read Part 1, start from hereMedium
PT/BR: Medium

07 February 2022 (17:28)

The Game-Changer (part 1)


Rewards in Dollars (BUSD);
Up to $5,000 Weekly Rewards Pool;
Low fee entrance: $45 (for 30 days);
Rewards according to Level Range;
Incentives for Higher Levels;
Incentives to own a house;
Different Strategies to maximize profits;
Weekly incentives for the players;
Hidden NFTs around the map and quests;

No more Oracle;
No more nerfs in the loots;
No more volatility on Rewards;
No more Daily Withdrawal Limits;

Reduced selling pressure to the token;
Real Estate System SOON
Staking & Farming SOON;
DAO Governance / Council System by Farming & Staking SOON;
And much more…

Read the full article here:


PT/BR: Medium