Easter Event

Easter Eggs Stolen by Apes!

A fight between the Banuta Apes and the Easter Rabbits caused the Apes to steal all the rabbits' Easter eggs and spread them across the continent.
This made Hugo angry! The boss rabbit wants the help of Kingdom Swap adventurers to recover the lost eggs before it's too late.
Hugo promises to unleash all his wrath on our lands if his eggs are not recovered! At the same time, if we succeed, he will reward us with a weekend of double experience and skills!

The Easter Event will last for 7 days, hurry up and don't waste any more time, let's help the bunnies!

Start Date: 30/04 18:00 UTC
End Date: 07/05 18:00 UTC

For every adventurer that finish his/her part helping the bunnies, the number of eggs missing is reduced.

At the Bunnies Headquarters, the number of eggs missing is: -30.

Let's get it to 0 to gain our reward and not suffer Hugo's wraith!

The Easter Event explained.

Who is Hugo?

Hugo is the name of a immensely feared and powerful demon-bunny. It is commonly believed that Hugo, a human, got into a magical accident during some ritual and was changed into a rabbit, as these transcripts make clear.

Hugo was captured by the Nightmare Knights and tricked into the dungeons where he is used in part of the Dream Challenge test for new recruits, as is mentioned in this book.

The Eggs.

Kingdom Swap creatures will drop six different types of eggs during the event. The rarity of the eggs depends on their reward.

Easter Event

You can choose between consuming the eggs to earn your instant reward, or returning them to the bunnies to help the World Change.

  • Turqouise Egg: 100 gold coins.
  • Stone Egg: 100 gold coins.
  • Orange Egg: 100 experience points.
  • Blue Egg: 500 experience points.
  • Gold Egg: 1,000 experience points.
  • Pink Egg: 2,000 experience points and 10 platinum coins.

  • The Bunnys.

    Hugo's helpers are spread across several cities on the map. By talking to them, you will get all the information you need to help them in their quest. And if you make it to the end, in addition to helping the World Change, you'll win an incredible and exclusive reward!

    Easter Event
    Bunnyhead outfit.

    See you in-game adventurer.