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Description: Image: Duration: Tokens:
Adds 30 days of premium to your account. img 30 Days 660

Item: Image: Count: Tokens:
KS2 Bundle. Adds 250 KS2 tokens to your account. img 1x 250
Amulet of loss: Prevent items from being lost (including a backpack) when you die. img 1x 1,651
Blessing: Teleports you to Mihole's Temple in order to get all your blessings. Blessing reduces the amount of experience and skills you lose when you die. img 1x 6,603
Bail Document: Removes your red skull and frags. Do NOT removes ban. img 1x 8,254
Training Island Ticket: Teleports you to the Training Island. img 1x 6,603
Temple Teleport Scroll: Teleports you to your city's Temple. img 1x 1,651
Efreet Lamp: Grants you the rights to trade with Yaman and Alesar. img 1x 11,555
Marid Lamp: Grants you the rights to trade with Haroun and Nah'bob. img 1x 11,555
Postman Letter: Grants you the Arch Postman title. Discounts on trips, parcels, letters and access to all mailboxes on the map. img 1x 4,952
Die: Used as a way of gambling. img 1x 660
Switchtool: Rope, Shovel, Machete and Sycthe (All in one). 10 oz. img 1x 3,301
Light Bangle. Gives inifinity light. It can be used as a ring, an amulet or arrow slot. Arm: 1. img 1x 3,301
Gold Converter. Convert gold coins into platinum coins and platinum coins into crystal coins. img 1x 6,603
Common Mystery Key. It opens a Common Mystery Box. img 1x 330
Uncommon Mystery Key. It opens an Uncommon Mystery Box. img 1x 660
Rare Mystery Key. It opens a Rare Mystery Box. img 1x 1,321
Epic Mystery Key. It opens an Epic Mystery Box. img 1x 2,641
Legendary Mystery Key. It opens a Legendary Mystery Box. img 1x 5,282

Description: Image: Count: Tokens:
Change character sex. img 1x 1,651
Change character name. img 1x 1,651