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Description: Image: Duration: Tokens:
Adds 30 days of premium to your account. img 30 Days 5,351

Item: Image: Count: Tokens:
KS2 Bundle. Adds 250 KS2 tokens to your account. img 1x 250
Amulet of loss: Prevent items from being lost (including a backpack) when you die. img 1x 595
Blessing: Teleports you to Mihole's Temple in order to get all your blessings. Blessing reduces the amount of experience and skills you lose when you die. img 1x 595
Bail Document: Removes your red skull and frags. Do NOT removes ban. img 1x 2,973
Training Island Ticket: Teleports you to the Training Island. img 1x 2,378
Temple Teleport Scroll: Teleports you to your city's Temple. img 1x 595
Efreet Lamp: Grants you the rights to trade with Yaman and Alesar. img 1x 4,162
Marid Lamp: Grants you the rights to trade with Haroun and Nah'bob. img 1x 4,162
Postman Letter: Grants you the Arch Postman title. Discounts on trips, parcels, letters and access to all mailboxes on the map. img 1x 1,784
Die: Used as a way of gambling. img 1x 238
Switchtool: Rope, Shovel, Machete and Sycthe (All in one). 10 oz. img 1x 1,189
Light Bangle. Gives inifinity light. It can be used as a ring, an amulet or arrow slot. Arm: 1. img 1x 1,189
100x Power bolts. img 100x 238
Gold Converter. Convert gold coins into platinum coins and platinum coins into crystal coins. img 1x 2,378
Common Mystery Key. It opens a Common Mystery Box. img 1x 119
Uncommon Mystery Key. It opens an Uncommon Mystery Box. img 1x 238
Rare Mystery Key. It opens a Rare Mystery Box. img 1x 476
Epic Mystery Key. It opens an Epic Mystery Box. img 1x 951
Legendary Mystery Key. It opens a Legendary Mystery Box. img 1x 1,902

Description: Image: Count: Tokens:
Change character sex. img 1x 595
Change character name. img 1x 595