Reward Pool

Current Pool:

Level 21 to 40 | Level 41 to 60 | Level 61 to 80 | Level 81 to 100 | Level 101+
Tiers may vary as the game progress.

  • Total Rewards: 50 BUSD.
  • Players per Tier: 50 players.
  • MAX. CAP per player: 20%.
  • MIN. CAP per player: 1%.

  • How to join the Reward Pool

  • Players must withdraw gold coins to the platform to earn a piece of the monthly distribution proportionally of the total of gold coins on the Pool, divided by your withdrawals. The more you withdraw, the higher is your percentage.

  • When you withdraw in-game gold coins, you receive the same gold coins on the platform to earn a slice of the monthly Rewards Pool in percentage.

  • Prize Information

  • To prevent abuse, e.g. players sending gold coins to each other and “monopolizing” a smaller Pool. There will be a MAX CAP of the total Pool per player. We will start with 5% but it may vary according to practice; That is, 5% of the total of each Monthly Reward Pool per player.

  • The size of the Pools will vary with the number of players at a specific Level range, comprehending that the more advanced the Level, the more rewards.

  • Every last sunday of the month we are going to officially announce the Reward Pool information. Such as amount of BUSD, percentage cap per player and amount of players per tier.

  • Converting gold coins in-game to participate is going to be closed on the last Sunday of the month at 23:00 UTC.

  • Players who converted gold coins and still remained out of the pool due to the current pool value or did not reach the MIN. CAP, will keep their gold coins for the next pool.

  • Payment Information

  • You can only receive 20% of the total Pool amount, exceeding gold coins converted are going to be lost.

  • Rewards are paid in BUSD directly to the players wallet, which does not affect the token chart.

  • Rich Player