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Name Owner
Greenshore Clanhall None
Greenshore Village 7 None
Greenshore Village 6 None
Greenshore Village 5 None
Greenshore Village 4 None
Greenshore Village 3 None
Greenshore Village 2 None
Greenshore Village 1 None
Greenshore Village, Shop None
Greenshore Village, Villa None
Castle of Greenshore None
The Tibianic None
Fibula Village, Villa None
Fibula Clanhall None
Fibula Village, Bar None
Fibula Village, Tower Flat None
Fibula Village 5 None
Fibula Village 4 None
Fibula Village 3 None
Fibula Village 2 None
Fibula Village 1 None
Guildhall of the Red Rose None
Mercenary Tower None
Harbour Place 1 (Shop) None
Harbour Place 2 (Shop) None
The City Wall 1b None
The City Wall 1a None
The City Wall 3f None
The City Wall 3e None
The City Wall 3d None
The City Wall 3c None
The City Wall 3b None
The City Wall 3a None
The City Wall 9 None
The City Wall 7h None
The City Wall 7g None
The City Wall 7f None
The City Wall 7e None
The City Wall 7d None
The City Wall 7c None
The City Wall 7b None
The City Wall 7a None
The City Wall 5f None
The City Wall 5e None
The City Wall 5d None
The City Wall 5c None
The City Wall 5b None
The City Wall 5a None
Mill Avenue 5 None
Mill Avenue 4 None
Mill Avenue 3 None
Mill Avenue 2 (Shop) None
Mill Avenue 1 (Shop) None
Main Street 9b, 2nd floor (Shop) None
Main Street 9a, 2nd floor (Shop) None
Main Street 9, 1st floor (Shop) None
Warriors Guildhall None
Farm Lane, 2nd Floor (Shop) None
Farm Lane, 1st floor (Shop) None
Farm Lane, Basement (Shop) None
Thais Hostel None
Harbour Street 4 None
Thais Clanhall None
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2f None
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2e None
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2d None
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2c None
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2b None
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2a None
Sorcerer's Avenue 5 None
Sorcerer's Avenue 1c None
Sorcerer's Avenue 1b None
Sorcerer's Avenue 1a None
Upper Swamp Lane 12 None
Upper Swamp Lane 10 None
Southern Thais Guildhall None
Upper Swamp Lane 8 None
Lower Swamp Lane 3 None
Lower Swamp Lane 1 None
Upper Swamp Lane 4 None
Upper Swamp Lane 2 None
Alai Flats, Flat 28 None
Alai Flats, Flat 27 None
Alai Flats, Flat 26 None
Alai Flats, Flat 25 None
Alai Flats, Flat 24 None
Alai Flats, Flat 23 None
Alai Flats, Flat 21 None
Alai Flats, Flat 22 None
Alai Flats, Flat 18 None
Alai Flats, Flat 17 None
Alai Flats, Flat 16 None
Alai Flats, Flat 15 None
Alai Flats, Flat 14 None
Alai Flats, Flat 13 None
Alai Flats, Flat 12 None
Alai Flats, Flat 11 None
Alai Flats, Flat 08 None
Alai Flats, Flat 07 None
Alai Flats, Flat 06 None
Alai Flats, Flat 05 None
Alai Flats, Flat 04 None
Alai Flats, Flat 03 None
Alai Flats, Flat 02 None
Alai Flats, Flat 01 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 16 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 15 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 14 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 13 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 12 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 11 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 06 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 05 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 04 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 03 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 02 None
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 01 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 24 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 23 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 22 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 21 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 14 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 13 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 12 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 11 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 03 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 02 None
Sunset Homes, Flat 01 None
Bloodhall None
Dark Mansion None
Halls of the Adventurers None
Snake Tower None
Spiritkeep None